In June, my ten-minute play Aquaman about – uh – Aquaman was produced by The Red Brick Road Theatre Co. in Los Angeles as part of Shorts 2 (w/ with Hannah Kaplan as Wonder Woman and Colin Contreary as Batman, directed by Valerie Vasilas.)

I wish I could have been there because it looks like they had a blast.

Here’s a picture of Jarrett Lennon Kaufman as a disgruntled, well – You can guess, can’t you?

Jarrett Lennon Kaufman as Aquaman from Shorts 2! A Los Angeles Playwrights Festival

Jarrett Lennon Kaufman as Aquaman from Shorts 2! in L.A.

Aquaman has always been one of my favorite characters and I always thought he got kind of a raw deal, publicity-wise.  They sure could have used him during that Sharknado, don’t you think?


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