Ori & Addison – A short film written and directed by James C. Ferguson

So now that you’ve watched the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailers an appropriately ridiculous amount of times, maybe you have a few minutes to check out a short film that I wrote and directed about the struggles of fatherhood and friendship entitled Ori & Addison.

Originally written as a short play, Ori & Addison was produced numerous times in various short play festivals throughout The United States, including The Samuel French Off Off Broadway Short Play Festival where Benjamin Friedberg of Inkcrayon Pictures saw it, enjoyed it and optioned the rights.  Ben wanted to expand the idea out into a full-length screenplay while simultaneously producing Ori & Addison as a short film to serve as both an original piece that would work on its own but also be a representative sample of the larger story.

I was thrilled beyond words to be asked to direct the piece (and flown out to Los Angeles to do it, no less) and will always be thankful to Ben for that joyous opportunity.  Everyone involved did a bang-up job and should be very proud of the results.  Enjoy.

(Feel free to share, but no spoilers, okay?  TY!)

(Please note there is some adult language so it may not be the best thing to watch with the little ones, or at work.)

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